Monday, July 10, 2017

How to Beat the Summer Slowdown in Direct Sales

Hello friends!   I hope you are all having a great week!  The weather has been beautiful here and we are enjoying every bit of this beautiful Summer!  

With July month end approaching, I am already starting to hear from my team members that they are already feeling the affects of the Summer Slow down.  Summer Slow down?  What Summer slow down?  I am here to help you get past that dreaded Summer Slow down so you can rock your Direct Sales business this Summer!!!

I put together a list of ideas to help you in thinking outside of the box and start booking those Summer parties and find new Customers!
  • Summer Themed Parties:  Summer is such a fun time to host a party!!  Stick with cute Summer themes that everyone loves such as: An Icecream Social, Wine and Cheese Tasting Party, Pool or Patio Party or Backyard BBQ Party.
  • Have a Facebook/Virtual Party - Connect with your friends all over the country.  Set a date and time for everyone to log in to Facebook.  Offer a door prize to those who attend, an additional incentive to those who ask questions about your business and then let them shop away!  As the hostess, you can either earn the hostess rewards for yourself to earn inventory, or raffle off the rewards as an extra incentive to those who attend and place an order. 
  • Party On the Go - Fill up a pouch or bag with a few catalogs, orders forms, hostess exclusive flier, recruiting flier and a few product samples.  Give it to a friend or willing hostesses to take to work, a friend's house, family get together or a girl's night out.  She collects the orders and earns FREE or discounted products.
  • Mystery Hostess Party - Guests earn tickets various ways in order to win the hostess rewards.  This can be done on-line or in a home.  Guests can earn tickets by brining a friend, bringing an outside order, booking a party, or signing up as a Consultant.  Get creative!!!  Once all the orders are in, draw a ticket to see who wins the hostess benefits.    
  • Heels and Deals Booking Blitz - Pull together your list of FRANKS (Friends, Relatives, Acquaintances, Neighbors, Kids (Mom's of Your Kids's friends), Spouse (Wife's of your Husand's friends).  Put on your sassiest pair of heels, your hottest lip stick and set the timer on your phone for one hour.  Call as many people as you can in that hour asking them to host a party or just to say thank you for supporting your business.  Build that relationship with your customer, a phone call really does go a long way.  Having those sassy heals and lipstick on really does go along way, when you feel sassy and confident, it will shine through to the other end of the line.  Try it and see what happens!!!  
  • Booking Blitz Buddies - You know how they say you are more likely to succeed with your diet if you have a buddy?  The same goes for Booking Blitz's!  Try the Heels and Deals booking blitz with a fellow Consultant.  Knowing that you have the support of a fellow team mate will make the Booking Blitz go a lot quicker and will be a little less scary if you know you have a buddy cheering you on.  Once your power hour is up, call each other to share your success stories!
  • Open House/Launch Party/New Product Premier - You do not have to have your launch party ONLY when you first become a Consultant.  You can have an Open House/Launch Party/New Product Premier style party ANYTIME to celebrate a new catalog, a new special, or just an excuse to get your family and friends together. 
  • Kid's Sporting Event - I am actually using this idea from a fellow team member.  She set up a small table display at her child's Soccer game and the Soccer Mom's went wild!!  Make sure to pass out catalogs to all the Mom's for both the home and away teams.  What Soccer Mom doesn't love to shop?  Don't forget to purchase in advance a lot of product samples to pass out!
  • Mommy and Me Tea Party/Brunch - Have Mom's and Daughters of all ages gather at your home or even a Tea room/Coffee shop for a morning of fun and pampering.   Serve finger sandwiches, cookies and tea/punch.  You can even team up with anther direct sales company that offers pampering products and have her invite her guests.  You can both share in the leads and the pampering!
  • Neighborhood Ambush - Distribute fliers with your information and a coupon for 'One FREE Product' for scheduling a party with you.  You can choose your neighborhood or every neighborhood in the city!  I love to do this during my Kid's naptime.  I load up the kids in the car with a few hundred fliers and pass them out to all the neighborhoods in my city as the kids sleep soundly in their car seats.  It's a great way to have a very productive nap time!
  • Shopapalooza - Team up with friends who sell for other Direct Sales Companies and host a one stop shop!!   Each consultant will invite their friends, family, contacts and previous customers.  In return, you all gain new customers from the huge pool of attendees.  It's a great way to network with other Direct Sales consultants and gain new customers at the same time!
  • Have Your Friends Help! - Give your friends some products at a discount in return for becoming a product ambassador.   Have them share their testimony with everyone they come in contact with while arming them with catalogs, samples and business cards.  It's a great way for your friends to earn discounted products and come into contact with those outside of your network.
  • Booking Games - There are so many different booking games out there to play during your home parties.  My personal favorite booking game is Deal or No Deal, and it has worked many times!!  My team can provide real life testimonials on how well it has worked for them too!

    Great Places to Leave Catalogs for Customers

  • Hair Salons/Boutiques/Personal Gyms - Ask to set up a small display with catalogs and fliers, if a display will not work, ask to leave your catalogs in a common area of the facility.
  • Doctors Offices/Hospital Waiting Rooms- I have personally left several catalogs my kid's Pediatrician's office and Hospital Waiting rooms.  Be sure to introduce yourself to the receptionist and let her know of your new business.  See if she will mind if you leave a few catalogs behind.
  • Break Room at Place of Employment -  Leave a catalog in the break room/lunchroom at your place of employment.  Are you a Stay At Home Mom?  Then ask your spouse to bring catalogs to work and pass them around and leave them in his break room or lunch.
  • Leave a Catalog with your Waitress - If you received amazing service while you were out to dinner or think your waitress would make an amazing Consultant on your team, leave her a catalog or your Business Card.  Leave a personalized note just for her on how she would make an amazing addition to your team or party hostess.  She will give you a call just to hear more!  .
Do you have any tried and true ways that helped you beat the Summer Slow Down?  I would love to hear!  Please leave me a comment and share your success stories!

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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Tips for a Successful Direct Sales Convention

Hello friends!  I hope you are all having an amazing week and enjoying this beautiful Summer.  It's that time of year again and everyone in the Direct Sales Industry is gearing up for their company's National Convention.  Needless to say, I am over the moon excited for my company's National Convention and have been busy preparing for the big event.  I want to chat with you today about National Convention and how important it is to your Direct Sales business.  National Convention is designed to help you grow both personally and professionally by learning from top leaders within your company.  Did you know Direct Sales consultants who attend National Convention are 40% more productive the year following National Convention then those who do not attend conference?  An absolute game changer for your business!! 

One of my most favorite aspects of National Convention is getting the opportunity to truly see the big picture and what this amazing opportunity is doing for others.  The success stories that come out of convention are truly mind blowing and can motivate anyone!  The high energy that you will gain from hearing these stories first hand will refuel your passion to a level that will lead you to your very own success story.  Here are a few tips to help you make the most of your National Convention:

Attend All Training Opportunities Offered
Time will be set aside throughout the week for training and personal development which is typically led by top level leaders within your direct sales company.  Here you will learn important tips first hand on how they were able to grow a successful business and show you how to implement them to take your business to the next level.  I always bring extra pens, a notebook and my personal planner to be sure I don't miss any important takeaways during these valuable sessions.  I also use my iPhone during each presentation to take a short video or snap pictures of any visual aids so I can easily apply the information learned back at home.

Share in the Cost of National Convention with Other Consultants
The cost of National Convention can quickly add up, however, you can keep expenses to a minimum by sharing them with others.   By planning ahead, you can find other consultants interested in sharing a hotel room and public transportation which can be big ticket items.  Not only do you get to share in the cost of convention, there is nothing more rewarding than late night giggle sessions and morning coffee runs with your roommates.  And all National Convention business expenses are tax deductible!
Network with Top Leaders and the People You Meet on Your Journey
I truly believe you become who your surround yourself with and at convention you will have the opportunity to surround yourself with some of the most successful leaders in your company.  You will also be meeting up with fellow team members from across the country so be sure to pack LOTS of business cards.  Do you have a BFF that you met on your team message board that you just know that she would be just as awesome in real life?  Yeah, she will be there and she really is as awesome as you thought she would be. 

One would think that there wouldn't be a lot of opportunities to make a sale being surrounded by thousands of women who also sell the same thing as you do, however there are!   Your excitement will be so contagious, you are going to want to share it with everyone that you see along your journey.   Your Uber driver, the barista at the airport Starbucks, your waitress, the flight attendant and even the passengers sitting near you on the plane.   Be sure to have catalogs handy, they are going to want to know more about what is putting that extra spring in your step that week.  One thing I love to do after my flight is to leave an extra catalog in the pouch in the seat in front of you.  You never know who will be sitting in your seat next and they just may be in the mood to shop!
Take Advantage of Unlimited Attraction Marketing Opportunities
Convention is full of attraction marketing opportunities and to live out your brand through social media without completely annoying your friends and followers.  For example, posting a cute picture of you and your girlfriends with the caption  "I love getting paid to hang out with so many amazing, successful women!" speaks volumes.  You are sharing a lifestyle without coming across as sounding salesy or spammy.  There is such a thing though as too many selfies so keep them to a minimum and don't over do it.  One of my favorite things to do during convention is to create a hashtag that you can use on all social media platforms so your followers can easily share in your journey and live vicariously through your experience. 
Plan ahead for Convention Incentives Offered
Several Direct Sales companies offer incentives ONLY for convention attendees.  Be sure to plan ahead by looking into which incentive programs your company offers to save you money and boost your business.  Early bird pricing is often offered to those who purchase tickets way in advance.  This will guarantee you are purchasing your convention ticket for the lowest price available.  Your National Convention ticket could even be earned for FREE if you meet certain sales goals throughout the year.  Companies will also offer convention attendees deep discounts on exclusive new products to be used for the next catalog season.  You will be rocking your next party showing off all of the exciting new products!!
National convention is all about investing in yourself and your direct sales business, the experience will take you to the next level and set you up for success for years to come.  By planning ahead, convention can be both successful and affordable for any Consultant.  Are you planning on attending your convention this year?  Let us know in the comments below. 

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