Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Comparison is the Thief of Joy

Hey Mamas! I hope you are all having a great week!  Summer has finally arrived and Karen Tucci Beauty headquarters has officially moved from my home office to the neighborhood pool. 

These are the moments I'm extra grateful for a job that can be worked just about anywhere.  There is nothing better than working from my phone by pool as my kids play in the water.  I love that I never get to miss a moment with my two little blessings!!

Today I want to talk to you about an important issue in Direct Sales that can really knock the wind out of the sail of even your biggest rock star on your team. I know we are all guilty of at one time or another... comparing ourselves to others.
To be honest, I too am guilty of comparing myself to others.  I’ve come to the realization that the only thing I should be working on is being the best version of me.  Being the best leader I can be.  I know I should only focus on my own goals and personal growth along the way. Easier said than done, right?
Social Media is an amazing tool for communicating with our team, hostesses and customers, however, how many times have you logged on to Facebook only to read another Consultant reach the promotion or personal volume level that you have had your heart on achieving?  Even though you had just accomplished a personal best in both recruits and personal volume, some how that just doesn't seem to matter.  Reading the news about the other Consultant has completely zapped all of the joy and momentum you were feeling only moments ago.  Has this happened to you?  We need to stop this now!
When we waste valuable time and energy comparing ourselves to other Consultants, we are over looking our true potential, and the opportunity for growth in our own business. We might be trying to duplicate what another Consultant is doing, and in the meantime missing our goals we set forth to accomplish because we aren’t doing what we were supposed to be doing!  We are too easily distracted by what others are achieving and lose focus on what we set out to do.  We are now thrown off course and drifting aimlessly, not sure of where to turn next.
It’s time to stop comparing and competing with others. Focus on YOUR goals and YOUR accomplishments!!  Let them fuel your motivation and don't allow the success of others to steal your joy!
The next time you log onto Social Media, go in with confidence and a positive attitude knowing that today you refuse to allow your joy to be taken from you just because someone may appear to be doing better than you.  You do not know what other failures or set backs these others have experienced along the journey which have completely stolen their joy too.  Focus on yourself, do not forget who you are, what you do best, and how many people will be inspired today by you!

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