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Top 10 Things To Do While Waiting for Your Direct Sales Starter Kit

Happy Wednesday friends!  I hope you are all having a great week!  One of the questions I hear often from my new team members is what can they do while waiting for their Starter Kit.  I know they are extremely excited to hit the ground running I can't say I blame them!    Now that they have joined their company, I’m sure they are chomping at the bit to get their business started.  Wouldn’t it be great to utilize the next few days to get a jump start on your new business?  I would love to help you in building a solid foundation so you can rock your new Limelight business once your kit arrives.  Today I’m going to share my list of the Top 10 tasks to work on while you are waiting for your Starter kit to arrive. These tasks will help you gain knowledge about the company and products, start building your customer base, and help you get a jump start on launching your business! 
A Launch Party is key to let everyone know about your new Business.  A Launch party is about introducing to absolutely everyone you know about your new business.  Selling makeup is amazing but it will not prepare your business for the future. You want to focus on booking parties, building relationships and getting the word out there that you are the go to consultant within your industry!  When you are planning your launch party, you want to keep it simple and remember the three P's: Preparing, Planning and Presentation.
Remember to keep your launch party fun, exciting and stress free. Take a deep breath, relax and have fun!  Have a great time showing off your new Limelight business to your friends and family.  Your smile and excitement will be contagious, your guests will want to be a part of it too whether it's joining your team or hosting a party. 

You are probably asking at this point, who is FRANK?  LOL!  Here is where this fun term comes from:

(F)riends or Facebook


(A)cquaintances or Activities


It's very important when creating your FRANKS List to go in with a positive attitude and open mind. Remember that you are presenting someone with an amazing opportunity!!!  The gift of buying an amazing product, earning free products or the gift of time and financial freedom.  More importantly, never pre-judge!  Some one that you omitted from your list could end up on someone else's list and end up as their customer, hostess or new team member.  If you think they are an amazing person, someone else does too!  You just never know how people will react, or who they could lead you too.  You also want to remember that your FRANKS contact list is your greatest asset when starting your business.  Keep in mind too that as your business grows and evolves, so will your FRANKS List.
Creating a FRANKS Contact List is simple, you just write down names of people you associate with in each of these categories.   Keep your list long, it will feel so much better when you receive your first few no's knowing that you have so many more people to talk to about this amazing opportunity.

When compiling your FRANKS Contact List, it is important to use Memory Joggers to get you started.  Here are a few examples of memory joggers: Babysitter, Banker, Bridesmaid, Dentist, Doctor, Sorority Friend, BFF, Teacher, Gym, Co-Worker, Sister, Realtor, Unemployed, Stay At Home Mom, People Person, Popular, Needs More Money, Best Dressed, Strong Influence, Service Industry Worker, Enthusiastic.  These are just a few sample memory jogger terms or adjectives to use when thinking of those individuals who would be amazing assets to your FRANKS Contact List.

As you create your list, remember to keep an open mind and do not pre-judge!!  You never know what someone else is going through, what their dreams are or what their current financial situation is.  You could be providing them with an amazing gift and they will be forever thankful for the opportunity.  Sometimes people just need an idea presented to them, they may have never realized that what they had been searching for all this time was right in front of them.  All they need is for you to ASK!


When I joined my company, I opened a new bank account.  I love keeping my business and personal finance separate from one another.   By keeping your finances separated from the very beginning will allow you to keep more accurate records and alleviate any issues later on. 

You will also want to start tracking your business expenses in a spreadsheet that go along with your bank account transactions.  This way you have a methodical and consistent way to keep your records.  I also keep all business related receipts in a separate file folder in my desk and make sure all receipts are recorded in my spreadsheet.  You will thank me come tax season! 

Limelight's corporate office has done an amazing job of creating training resources that will assist you in getting started in your business.  You will also receive a series of 8 daily emails beginning with the first day that you sign up.  Be sure to read through each email carefully, they are full of lots of great information that you will need to know in getting started with your new business. 

Let's talk goals, have you written down what you would like to accomplish in your business?  Do you have an action plan in place to achieve those goals?  I personally believe that setting goals is critical in achieving what you want in life and in your Direct Sales business.   Whether it's achieving a certain sales goal or a certain rank within your company, goals are what drives you to make it happen!

When setting goals there are a few things to keep in mind...the key to setting goals and achieving goals is to visualize them by writing them down or creating a vision board.  I personally love writing down my goals and putting them in my planner.  I keep them front and center on a post-it note with everything I do as a constant reminder of what I want to achieve.   Also, you want to align your goals with YOUR personal vision and what is important to you.  
Your company's Policies and Procedures are a set of regulations and guidelines that you agreed upon when you signed up to become a consultant.  There are many important things you will need to know when conducting your direct sales business and what you can and can not do as a consultant. We are all responsible for knowing the rules in which we can run our businesses effectively and it is important to know these rules ahead of time so there is no confusion down the road.
Once you join your company, it is important to be added to your mentor and upline team's Facebook groups.  Your mentor should have her own closed Facebook group and also be a member of several other related groups.  Let your mentor know that you would be interested in joining one of these groups.   Facebook is an essential training and networking tool today in the direct sales industry today.  It's the perfect tool for training opportunities, getting to know your other teammates and sharing ideas with one another.
Research a credit card reader for your smart phone.  There will be opportunities where you will sell some of your inventory or receive credit card payments from customers.  You want to be prepared by being able to accept credit card payments right on the spot.  Credit Card readers are very convenient and handy and only charge a small percentage per swipe.  I currently use a Paypal Reader which is so easy to use and the one I highly recommend.  I also recommend opening a Paypal account to go along with your Paypal reader, this will be a very helpful alternative for your customers to pay you for products. 

Paypal sends you the credit card reader for free along with a free app to use.  You are only charged a small percentage per swipe.  There are no monthly fees! There are other Credit Card reader options you can choose from such as SquareUp and PayAnywhere.  Take the time to research one for yourself.  Chose the one that is right for you! 
Now here comes the fun part - organizing an office space for your new business.  There are so many different options to choose from...whether it's your home office, a corner of your family room or even a mobile office you can bring out and set will want to have a separate space for your new business.  Having a designated office space ensures that your items are easily accessible and are ready and waiting for your when you want to work your business.  It also keeps your personal life separate from your business which can be very important, especially if you have kids!

Now is a good time to also order any business supplies that you may need, especially your business cards.  Be sure to check out Vista Print, your company may have teamed up with Vistaprint for you to order business cards and other informational brochures that will be useful to you when running your business.
As you wait for your Starter Kit to arrive, now is the time to familiarize yourself with all of the amazing products that your company has to offer.  By doing so, you will feel so much more confident when explaining the benefits to why your company's products are simply the best!

There are many other tasks that you could work on while you are waiting for your kit to arrive – but I think these are the most important and will help prepare you for your new business.  Be sure to stay connected with your mentor and ask any questions you may think of while you are completing these tasks.  Many times the questions you are asking can also be found in your back office or on your team’s website or Facebook group too.
I know you are going to love being a direct sales consultant and you have an amazing adventure ahead of you! Enjoy the journey and good luck!
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