Tuesday, January 3, 2017

The 5 Easy Steps to Setting Goals in your Direct Sales Business

Hello friends!  Happy New Year!  I hope you all had an amazing weekend and are excited to take on 2017.   Let's talk goals, have you written down what you would like to accomplish this year?  Do you have an action plan in place to achieve those goals?  I personally believe that setting goals is critical in achieving what you want in life and in your Direct Sales business.   Whether it's achieving a certain sales goal or a certain rank within your company, goals are what drives you to make it happen!

When setting goals there are a few things to keep in mind...the key to setting goals and achieving goals is to visualize them by writing them down or creating a vision board.  I personally love writing down my goals and putting them in my planner.  I keep them front and center on a post-it note with everything I do as a constant reminder of what I want to achieve.   Also, you want to align your goals with YOUR personal vision and what is important to you.   With that in mind, let's talk about the 5 easy steps to setting (and achieving!) your goals.

The 5 Easy Steps to Setting Goals 
1. Set Goals that Motivate You - If your goals don't get you excited or make you want to move forward in life, then you will never achieve them.  When setting your goals, keep your "why" in the forefront, your "why" will always ignite your passion to move forward.
2.  Set SMART Goals - As a former Corporate Accoutant, we were always told that our goals should be measured by the SMART method.  SMART stands for:
SPECIFIC - Be specific in what you would like to achieve.
MEASURABLE - Your goals must be measurable, if your goals seem to large, break them down into smaller, measurable goals.
AGREED UPON - Be sure your goals are agreed upon and align with your family's priorities.
REALISTIC - Be sure your goals are achievable, if they are too out of reach, it will be hard to stick with your plan. 
TIME SENSITIVE - It is important to set a deadline to reach your goals, it also helps to set smaller deadlines within your time frame to make the goals seem more achievable.  For example, if you are wanting to achieve Director status within 12 months, set a goal for yourself to achieve Lead Consultant in 2 months, Senior Consultant in 6 months, etc.  By breaking down your goals into specific, achievable deadlines, the goals seem much more achievable and far less daunting.
3. Put Goals in Writing - As I mentioned above, put your goals in writing, create a vision board or even share them with an accountability partner.  By putting your goals out there, it makes them easier to visualize and achieve!

4. Create an Action Plan - Creating an Action Plan will help you to break down your goals into specific and achievable steps. 

5. Stick to It - I certainly can understand that sometimes life just happens and can throw you off the course of achieving your goals.  If your current routing isn't getting you closer to meeting your goals, revisit your Action Plan to see where you can improve areas to get you that much closer and to keep distractions at bay.

What are your goals for 2017?  I would love to hear!  Leave them in the comments below.  Looking for a better way to take control of your Direct Sales business routine so your can achieve your goals?  Sign up to receive my FREE Top Secrets to a Perfect Direct Sales Week.

Have a great week!

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