Monday, December 26, 2016

Keep Your Limelight by Alcone Business Thriving After the Holidays


Hello friends!!  Whew!!  You did it!  What an amazing holiday busy season you had.  You should all be extremely proud of yourselves and everything that you accomplished.   I am sure you are all ready for a little rest, relaxation and perhaps a glass of wine...or two.  Go ahead and kick back, you deserve it!!  But not for too long....why?  Because now is the time to take advantage of the little down time that you have and start preparing for a successful 2017!  You don't want to lose your momentum or let all of those leads you collected while you were partying in November and December grow cold.  Here are a few tips to keep your Limelight by Alcone Business thriving in January and beyond.

1. Organize Your Leads -   The first thing to do when preparing for January is to go through all of the leads you have  collected in the last few months and organize them.  Your leads are the most important asset in your business.  Run through all the names you have of people who said no because the timing was not right, or something was going on in their life that prevented them from starting their business.  By organizing that list NOW, you’ll be ready to call on prospects right after the New Year. The New Year is a great time when people are open to starting something new.  I keep a lead spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel that I am continuously updating.  My leads are organized into 4 categories: Scheduled  Parties, Tentative Parties , Potential Customers and Recruiting Leads.  Here is what qualifies a lead to fall within a particular category.
  • Scheduled Parties  - You have already scheduled an upcoming Party with this hostess.  Make sure if she does not have a hostess packet to send her one right away.  Celebrate the new year by letting her know how you are really looking forward to planning a Party with her.
  • Tentative Parties - These are the leads that have not committed to a Parties just yet, however, told you to "call them after Christmas" to set something up.  You want to contact these leads right away before their every day life takes over and calendars start to fill up again. 
  • Potential Customers - Potential Customers are the individuals that contacted you about placing an order for a Christmas gift, yet never followed through.  You want to follow up with them to see how their holiday was and if they were still interested in placing an order for perhaps another occasion. 
  • Recruiting Leads - Recruiting is typically slower in December as women are busy doing the shopping for their families.  Not a lot of people have time to start a business around the holidays, however, they have heard about your Limelight by Alcone opportunity and really want to look into it more once life has settled down for them.  Perhaps they asked you a lot of questions at a recent Party or have sent you an email asking for more information about the business.  Follow up with them via email and let them know you were thinking about them and if they had any questions about your amazing Limelight by Alcone opportunity.
Once you have organized your leads, set aside some time each day to pick up the phone and follow up.  Remember, the fortune is always in the follow up!!!

2. Customer Care Calls - If you have been meaning to implement Customer Care Calls into your business routine, now is the perfect time!  Call all of your guests who placed orders with you these last few months to see how they are enjoying their products.   Thank them again for their purchases and if the conversation leads to other opportunities with Limelight by Alcone like hosting a party, scheduling a makeup consultation or becoming a Beauty Guide, then be sure to have information handy to share with her!  Your customer will appreciate your thoughtfulness and it will show that you truly care about her experience. 

3. Book Parties Using your New Spring Catalog or Customer/Hostess Special - Who isn't excited about the beautiful new product line coming out in just a few days?  Isn't that what your customers have been asking for?  Now is the time to book those January and February parties by sharing the new line with everyone you know.  Host a 'Jammies and Java in January' themed Party by having guests show up in their most comfortable winter pajamas.  Who doesn't love to shop in their jammies while sipping their favorite cup of coffee? Ladies love having a low-key, comfortable and fun shopping experience!

4. Update Your Monthly Newsletter - I know this is something that I really need to do and am very much looking forward to working on in the next few days.  I collected several email addresses from holiday vendor shows, partied, single order customers and email inquiries over the last few months and I want to keep in touch with them.  The monthly newsletter is the perfect opportunity to keep your leads informed of the latest information and products.

5. Organize Your Office and Inventory - Every Corporation goes through a year end close process and you should not treat your own business any differently.  Organize and file your paperwork, purge what you don't need and de-clutter your desk.  I am the type of person that needs a clean and clutter free desk to feel organized and productive and can not wait to tackle that pile of papers just sitting in my in bin!  I also carry a decent inventory and know that it is starting to look a little picked over after all of the last minute gift orders I filled for friends and neighbors in the final days leading up to Christmas.  I keep a spreadsheet of all my inventory and know that it needs updating.  Once my inventory report has been updated and organized, I plan on putting through a business supply order to replace anything that I may still need.

6. Set Your Goals for 2017 - As you are setting goals for 2017, don't be afraid to dream big and step outside your comfort zone.  Challenge yourself to try something new.  If your goal is big, don't forget to break it down into smaller goals so that you can celebrate along the way!  It won't be easy but with hard work and determination, you will look back and realize that when you reach your goals, it was the greatest decision you made.  When we take the time to set goals, we ensure our life is geared toward getting the most out of every moment and making our business our own.

I am just bursting with excitement to see what 2017 will bring to you and your  team.  Wishing you health, happiness and much success in 2017!!
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Limelight by Alcone Botanical Foundation

Hello friends!  I hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your friends and family.  I wanted to share with you today my love for Limelight by Alcone's most popular products, the Limelight by Alcone Botanical Foundation.   After giving birth to my son, my hormones went crazy causing cystic acne to develop all over my face.  Once the acne finally cleared up, I was left with horrible scarring on my cheeks.  I tried everything to cover up my acne scars, but wanted my skin to still look natural and not heavily made up.  Those of you with this type of skin issue know that it's almost impossible to find the perfect foundation that offers the perfect coverage for acne scars without looking like you are wearing a ton of makeup.  Then I tried Limelight by Alcone's Botanical foundation.  It was the perfect coverage and blended perfectly over my acne scars.  I am finally no longer embarrassed of my skin or my scars.  Limelight by Alcone's Botanical foundation has given me back my confidence and my beautiful skin again.  I love sharing my experience first hand and would love to help you feel confidant again too.

Limelight by Alcone Botanical foundation is:
  • Mineral Oil Free
  • Lanolin Oil Free
  • Fragrance Free
  • Petrolatum Free
  • No Animal Extracts
  • Cruelty Free
  • Wax Based
  • FDA Approved colors
  • 50% pigmented (compared to most commercial brands at 18-23%) 
  • Professional Grade
  • Made in the USA

Limelight's Botanical Foundation is hand-crafted in stringent, small batches to ensure consistent color from batch to batch.  Another aspect that I love about Limelight by Alcone's Botanical foundation is that it was developed by renowned makeup artist Vincent J-R Kehoe.  As President and Director of the Research Council of Make-up Artists, he designed and produced a vegan foundation that has been the choice of professionals and celebrities for almost a decade.  Simply put, this professional grade foundation will provide you with amazing, natural looking coverage.  With Limelight, less is more, so your foundation will last longer than other brands. 
Not sure which foundation shade is right for you?  Take this quiz to see which color is best for you or feel free to contact me so I can send you a few samples to find your perfect match. 
The following video provides a little more information about how I make my foundation samples.  I am passionate about finding your perfect match so you feel confident in ordering the proper foundation shade that is right for your skin tone. 
Feel free to contact me anytime at to request your Limelight by Alcone Foundation samples.  If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me, I would love to help.   Have a great day!!!

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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Merry Christmas from Our Family to Yours

Merry Christmas!!! I hope today was a special time for all of you and your loved ones! I've been enjoying my day with my family, celebrating the birth of our Savior and loving on my babies.

Thank you to Limelight by Alcone, my customers
and my team for allowing me to find my true passion, blossom as a leader in the industry and to help other women realize that there are options  to allow you to design a life you love.

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Friday, December 16, 2016

Join Limelight and Give Yourself the Best Gift of All

Happy Holidays friends!  I hope you all are having a fabulous holiday season filled with the many blessings of faith, family and fun.  As I continue to prepare for the big day, I find myself reflecting on the many blessings that filled my life this year and know that it would not had been possible without the gift of Limelight by Alcone that I gave myself this Fall.  I know that the Lord placed this opportunity in my life at a time I really needed it.  I am so thankful that I had the courage to step outside of my comfort zone and take that leap of faith. I can't imagine all of the blessings our family would have missed out on if I had let this opportunity pass me by. If this is an opportunity you have been wanting to explore, I would love to share my story with you. I encourage you to always follow your heart, know that anything is possible, never give up on your dreams, always keep moving forward (no matter what life throws at you) and always find the positive in every situation. He has great plans for your life and my life in 2017! 

Why is now the best time of year to join Limelight by Alcone? 
  • Earn Extra Money and Pay off Christmas Debt.
  • Limelight is the only Direct Sales Company to offer Professional Grade Makeup.
  • Celebrate the New Year with a fun and flexible new opportunity.  A small investment of $169 is all you need to start your own business today.
  • Loved by Celebrities and used by professional make up artists.
  • Affordable price point.
  • Chemical free skincare.
  • Ground floor opportunity on the verge of hypergrowth.
  • Only 4,000 Consultants nationwide.
I really need to pinch myself sometimes because I truly am living my dream!  I took a huge leap of faith out of my comfort zone and jumped in completely head first.  It hasn't been easy, it was NOT an over night success, and I had to work hard.   Part of the reward has been the journey!  Are you willing to start your journey today?  Whether it's joining me in business or something else you have been putting off, just jump in today!  I am so blessed to have Limelight by Alcone as a part of my life and so thankful for the opportunities it has given to me and my family.   What started out as a way to earn extra money, has become something exciting and successful.  It would be an honor and a blessing to be your mentor and I will help you every step of the way.  As a member of my team, you will receive valuable resources and one on one training opportunities designed to help focus your efforts on successfully growing your business.  You will benefit through online training, one-on-one coaching, team conference calls, social media training and more.

Are you ready to join us?  As a member of my team, you can do what you love and love what you do!  You can have the flexibility to run your own business while balancing family life, help customers look and feel more confident and achieve the financial rewards in the process.  Contact me at to learn more.  How will your life change when you give yourself the gift of Limelight by Alcone?
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Sunday, December 4, 2016

Limelight by Alcone Fast Start Program

Happy weekend friends!  And happy December!  It’s finally here. :)  Love this month!  It’s crazy and busy, but full of so many good things.  And speaking of good things, there are so many good things going on with Limelight this month as well.  It truly is a blessing to be a part of this amazing company!  I wanted to share with you today Limelight by Alcone's Fast Start program.  The Limelight Fast Start program shows the company's commitment to your success as a Beauty Guide by rewarding you for working hard and for achieving certain milestones in your business.  You can earn Fast Start rewards worth $800 of free products, marketing materials and even cash by meeting certain goals in your first 100 days as a Limelight by Alcone Beauty Guide. 

Limelight by Alcone knows the chances for your success will be greatly improved if you get a strong start in your business.  If this company weren't already amazing enough, Limelight also awards your mentor with a 100% match on the cash and marketing materials portion of your Fast Start bonuses.  You truly are awarded for all of your hard work and your chances for success greatly improve when you start off strong
Are you thinking about joining Limelight by Alcone?  I would love to have you join our amazing team and to help you achieve the strong start that you deserve! I will be there to support you every step of the way.  Feel free to email me at to learn more.  I look forward to hearing from you!

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