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Recruiting Tips for your Direct Sales Business

Hello friends!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Today's topic is all about sharing the direct sales opportunity and to provide helpful suggestions on how to change your mindset when it comes to recruiting.  My easy and simple tips will greatly impact how you go about recruiting your next team member.

First, in order to become more confident and consistent in recruiting you must understand WHY, HOW and WHERE to recruit.  WHY would you want to mentor others and build a team?  Mentoring others provides so many more amazing opportunities in your business that you wouldn't normally achieve if you chose to only host parties.  Opportunities such as significant financial impact, career advancement, recognition, leadership, networking, personal growth and helping others achieve their dreams would not be possible without mentoring.

Second, you must understand HOW to recruit.  Recruiting is a skill that can be learned.  So many have a fear of recruiting either because of rejection or the fear of being too pushy.   If you are fearful of rejection or appearing too pushy when offering the gift of your direct sales business, then you are focused on the wrong person.  When you mentor a new consultant, you are also giving her the opportunity to fulfill her dreams whether it's for her to have more time with her kids or less stress over the car payment.  Focus on your potential recruits needs and how the gift of direct sales can help or change her life is always the right approach.

I want you to learn when you are sharing the direct sales opportunity that it is important to remove your emotion from the outcome.  This will take the pressure off of you when you are going through the recruiting process. Think of yourself as hosting a birthday party and offering your guests a piece of birthday cake.   After offering them the piece of cake, it is their decision to accept or decline.  Are you offended or upset when your guest declines a piece of cake? Do you leave the room and go have a cry in your pantry?  No!  Perhaps she is on a diet, not feeling well or just not ready to have her cake yet.  She is not saying no to you, she is saying no to the birthday cake.  You move on and keep offering the birthday cake to your other guests.  This is how you want to recruit, keep offering the birthday cake to your guests and quickly move on when they say no.  Someone is eventually going to want a piece of birthday cake and you want to be the one offering it to them.

You must also change your recruiting mindset in order to be successful at recruiting.  I started out as a new consultant just like you with a starter kit.  In less than a year, I had been promoted three times.  Each promotion that I have achieved has been directly linked to recruiting.  What makes my story unique is that I saw the big picture of what my company had to offer and joined the business with an Active recruiting mindset.   With that said, lets talk a little bit about having an Active recruiting mindset and the difference between having an Active and Passive recruiting mindset.

A direct sales consultant with an Active recruiting mindset is actively seeking out members to share the opportunity with. They are intentional in their daily recruiting activities by making lists of potential recruits and setting small goals to talk to at least 1-3 of them a day.  They talk to people about the opportunity every where they go, such as the check out line in Target, Library, at the pediatrician's office, the playground or during Preschool drop off.  They also actively recruit on Social Media and take the time to most affectively use they amazing tools.  They follow up with warm leads and do not allow them to grow cold. 

direct sales consultant with a Passive recruiting mindset is not actively looking for new team members in their daily lives.  It's not that they don't want a new team member, because they do.   They just go about their day, barely mentioning their business to anyone, hoping recruits will just some how find them.  They do not set small goals.  They do not share the opportunity as they talk to someone who could even possibly be a new recruit.  They are afraid of rejection or appearing pushy so they do not mention the opportunity at all.  They sit and wait hoping that the leads will some how find them and everything will work out.

Who do you think is going to be growing a team, moving up in your company and making the most of their business? The Consultant with the Active or Passive mindset?

Lastly, you want to know WHERE to recruit.  You won't find a better opportunity to recruit more people at the same time then at a party.  Every time you go to a party, you have to be intentional and possess an Active recruiting mindset at all times.  I always go to a party with the intent of identifying at least 2 women that I would like to have join my team.  The first recruit you are going to identify is your hostess.  It has been said that 80-90% of recruits are previous hostesses.  The first step to recruiting your hostess is to include a "Think About It" packet in her Hostess Folder.  This gets the ball rolling and has her already thinking about the role as a direct sales consultant.

My "Think About It" packet  includes the following:
  • A decorative gift bag
  • Join Our Team flier
  • Career Plan flier
  • Catalog
  • Personal Card
When the guests begin to arrive, be sure you are taking the time to get to know the them.  Who is the most well liked guest or the life of the party?  Seek those guests out and get to know them better by asking them questions about themselves.  Are they married?  Have children?  Do they work outside of the home?  What activities are they involved in?  Pay attention to what questions they then ask you.  See where the gift of your opportunity can fit into their life.  You also want to take this time to start planting your recruiting seeds and see how they respond.  Be sure you do not pre-judge, try to get to know everyone at the party.  Even though you have a personal goal of targeting two potential recruits, you never want to limit yourself incase there are more.  Once you have identified your second recruit (or maybe even a third!) based on your conversations with your guests, you tell them you included something fun for her to look at when she gets home and then place her receipt inside the"Think About It" packet during the checkout process.  My goal for every party is to get rid of at least two packets, one to my hostess and one to a guest.   After the guest receives her order in a few days, follow up with a customer care call asking her if she was happy with her products and what she thought of the fun packet she took home with her.  The fortune is always in the follow up!

When you wrap up your party, be sure to ask your hostess if she looked over the "Think About It" packet that you gave her.  Let her now how much commission she would have made if this was her party.  Tell her if she would sign up to become a consultant that this could be her launch party.   She would receive the commission and any bookings that came with it.  Tell her that she was the one who did all the work and she will be pleasantly surprised to just how easy it really was.

Where else can you share the direct sales opportunity?  Recruiting opportunities really are everywhere and it is up to you to be intentional in your recruiting efforts and always possess an Active Recruiting Mindset to find them.  These recruiting tips when followed can help you when speaking to potential new team members.  Make sure to always be up front and honest when speaking about the business.  Show your passion but don’t scare them with too much information or over enthusiasm.  Remember to always follow up!  You can grow your team and your income through sharing the opportunity with confidence and practice.

Have an amazing day Mamas!

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