Monday, May 16, 2016

Periscope Challenge

Happy Monday Mamas!!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  I wanted to stop by and share with you all one of my latest obsessions....Periscope!  If you aren’t on Periscope go sign up right now! 

If you all have been following me so far on Periscope, you know that I have a slight fear of speaking in front of people.  But in order to get over your fears, you need to face them head on, right?  My goal is to become more comfortable with Facebook and face my fear once and for all!!  I decided, why not face our fears together and participate in a fun and exciting Periscope Challenge?  A few things about Periscope before we start our challenge:

What is Persicope? 
It is a LIVE streaming app. You can watch people in real time. Everyone from Celebrities to small businesses are on Periscope sharing tips, giving behind the scenes peeks, and doing Q&A’s! Let me just warn you this app is addictive! 

How do you login? 
Download the app in the app store on your phone. And you can login with your Twitter account (Twitter owns Periscope.) You’ll be able to follow any of your twitter followers plus search for anyone else you want as well. Don't own a Twitter account?  That is OK, you can create an account simply using your phone number.

How does Periscope Work?
Periscope is actually a LIVE feed.  You can actually watch what someone is doing right at the moment they are doing it.  It's like you are right there with them.  I actually watched Jillian Harris (The Bachlorette/HGTV Host) make dinner one night.  How cool is that?  While you are watching, you can give the people hearts by tapping the screen. It keeps a running tally on a person’s profile. So people are always begging for hearts! You can share a live stream with your Periscope and Twitter followers by swiping left with your finger. The best part about this app is the engagement. You can chat with the people streaming and watching. It definitely makes you feel special when the celebrity or who ever you are watching calls you by name and welcomes you to the stream or answers your question! 
Ok, now that we have familiarized ourselves with a few basics of Periscope, let's have a fun Periscope challenge!  My desire for this challenge is to help you and ME step out of our comfort zone and face your fears of Periscope and public speaking in general.  One of the biggest challenges that I continue to struggle with Periscope is what in the world do I talk about?  Well, this challenge already takes care of that for you by covering casual and easy topics that it will easy for you to chat about.  It will be as comfortable as having a coffee with a friend. 
How does this challenge work?
 The challenge will kick off on Monday, May 16th using the following topics:
  • Day 1 - Talk about the challenge, why you are doing it (business or personal), and introduce yourself.
  • Day 2 - How do you plan your day?  Do you use a paper planner, an app?  Both?
  • Day 3 - Home Office tour or tour your favorite room in your home.
  • Day 4 - Show us what you are reading or have recently read.
  • Day 5 - What do you do for a living?  Take us through a typical "work" day.
  • Day 6 - Are you a Mom?  Share a bit about your kids or family.  Have your kids sit with you while you scope.
  • Day 7 - How did you meet your spouse or significant other?
  • Day 8 - Talk about your favorite beauty product or share a beauty tip.
  • Day 9 - What's inside your bag?
  • Day 10 - Share your New Years resolutions and how they are going or share your goals for this year.
  • Day 11 - Talk about your upcoming Summer plans or Summer traditions.
  • Day 12 - Petscope ~ Talk about your pets if you have one
  • Day 13 - What's Cooking? Share a recent meal that your family loved.
  • Day 14 - Share your favorite iPhone app.

I would love to cheer you on and provide all of the support that I can along the way.  We are in this journey together!  Join our supportive Facebook group called The Direct Sales Mamas. Everyone is welcome to participate!  Please use the hashtag #thedirectsalesmamaperichallenge so others can find you and follow along too.  You just may walk away from this with a new tribe of friends and followers.  And who doesn't love meeting new friends?  I have met some of the most amazing and like minded women on Periscope and can't wait for you to do the same.

So go download the app and thank me later! : )  Would love to connect with all of you the next time you are on Periscope.  Find me on Periscope user name karentucci.  Have an amazing week Mamas! 
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