Monday, December 29, 2014

Direct Sales Recruiting Tip #2

 Recruiting opportunities really are everywhere!!  It is up to you to be intentional in your recruiting efforts and always possess a Recruiting Mindset to find them.  Carry "Think About It" packets with you at all times, you never know when you just might meet your next recruit!!
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Direct Sales Selling Tip #2

Treat customers like ROYALTY and they will give you LOYALTY! 
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Direct Sales Booking Tip #2

Challenge yourself to a personal booking blitz.  Text 10 friends, 10 neighbors and 10 co-workers and share why it's a blast to host a party with you!!!  You have now planted the seeds for 30 parties.
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Direct Sales Recruiting Tip #1

Challenge yourself to identify 2 women at every home party who would be great additions to your team.  Look for women who are confident, well-liked and enthusiastic...they are your next recruits!!
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Direct Sales Selling Tip #1

Developing a RELATIONSHIP with your customer is the KEY to a successful business. Always under promise and OVER deliver.
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Direct Sales Booking Tip #1

What is your go to tip for booking more parties? I always play a Booking Game such as "Deal or No Deal". It is so much fun and your future hostesses love receiving a little bonus for booking a party with you!
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